Lines on the My School

Lines on the My School

A school is a wonderful place where a student learns, understands, and experiences best ever memories and wonderful life lessons. The essay on school is the sum total of beautiful memories and loving expression for a school by students. The following essays, Speeches, Paragraphs, 10 Lines & More sentences have been written in this regard. It is the most important topic for the students. The most common topic is being asked by the teachers. So, here we go.

5 Lines on My School

  1. My School’s name is St. Peter’s Convent School.
  2. It is one of the best schools in Gurugram.
  3. All Children wear a white shirt and white pants uniform.
  4. It has a big playground, a library, and an indoor activity room.
  5. I love my School.

10 Lines on My School

  1. My School name is MVN School.
  2. My school is the best in all the schools around.
  3. There is a big open ground in my school where we play here.
  4. All the children in my school wear a white dress.
  5. My school was established in 2005.
  6. My school hours are from 8 AM to 1 PM.
  7. My school has 14 rooms.
  8. There is a science laboratory here.
  9. There is a library in my school and here we read books.
  10. I am proud of my school.

Paragraph on My School For Children & Students

A school is a place where the kids of today are raised up to be the better future of a country for tomorrow. It is certainly a sacred place where the education is imparted to make a nation smart and civilized, stronger, and developed for tomorrow. My School is St. Peter’s Convent School. It is counted among one of the oldest and most successful schools in our city. In that sense, I feel quite lucky to get an education in one of the finest schools in our area. My School has a tall and beautiful multi-story building. Its room is wide and spacious. Every room is quite airy and wonderful. My School has a co-education system where we both boys and girls study happily.

There is a wide, green and beautiful playground in my school. During our sports hours, students love playing cricket, hockey, football, badminton, etc. In fact, our school pays great emphasis on sports, gaming, and other extracurricular activities. The teachers at my school are very lovely and kind. They teach us with great care. The students are encouraged to study and excel more. This is the reason that our school has the largest enrollment of students as compared to all nearby schools.

My school has a great fully functional library. It offers a variety of books, notes and other study material of every kind. My school library is always open to everyone around the city. We love to study in the library during our free hours. Apart from that, my school has a well-maintained science hall. The Science subject is taught to us with great care. The students are encouraged to learn science and do experiments in the science lab.

This School is my pride. I feel greatly honored and happy to study in such a great institute in our country. I wish every student a great and beautiful school like ours.



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