Best Toddler Blocks Of 2020 in India

Best Toddler Blocks Of 2020 in India

lets the construction begins! Get amazed by the final outcome of a child’s creativity!

Is it accurate to say that you are battling to discover a toy that is both instructive and engaging for your toddler? 

Toddlers love the hands-on commitment toy blocks give them. Not exclusively would they be able to help keep your little one occupied, however, they can likewise have numerous formative advantages. Toddlers will, in general, get exhausted with certain toys rapidly, however, blocks appear to have unlimited opportunities for no particular reason. 

There are such a significant number of various sorts available that it tends to be overpowering to pinpoint which ones are the best fit for your toddler. 

This is what you have to know to pick the best arrangement of blocks for your toddler. 

Research has demonstrated that toys like building toys are especially valuable for kids between the age of 1 year and 3 years of age since they help more youthful kids ace engine abilities, create psychological aptitudes, particularly basic critical thinking aptitudes and encourage spatial knowledge. It additionally begins to build up the starting feeling of character.

What Are Toddler Blocks?

We aren’t talking the oh-so-famous Legos here, although there are some similar blocks for toddlers.

Blocks designed for toddlers are typically colorful structures that can be combined or stacked together in a variety of ways. There are numerous sizes and shapes your little one could play with.

The most important features for toddler blocks are this:

  • They have to be large enough so they don’t fit in the mouth.
  • They must be free of small pieces that could be easily broken off.

Why Are Blocks An Effective Toy?

Toddlers need a stimulating environment to keep them interested and sometimes other toys can’t offer that stimulation.

The flashing lights and funny noises of other toys only last so long until your little one realizes that all this fun stuff can happen by the push of a button.

Blocks are a game-changer because there are so many different things toddlers can do with them. Toddlers need toys that can be used in a variety of different ways.

Toddlers are gradually becoming more and more independent. They want toys they can figure out on their own, and then be proud of their accomplishments.

When toddlers are stacking their blocks, they have visual confirmation of the progress they are making. They get to explore different options and let their creativity take the lead. There is no right or wrong way to play with them, so all toddlers will succeed

The Different Types Of Blocks

The market for toy blocks is definitely a big one, and it seems that almost any type of block exists.

They come in a variety of different materials including:

  • Cloth.
  • Wood.
  • Cardboard.

Many different objectives can be accomplished when using blocks. They can be used for the following purposes:

  • Stacking.
  • Building.
  • Spelling.

The best part about this new toy is that your child’s imagination gets to shine. They can create anything they want and use them in ways that you or I may have never thought about.

5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing

  • Size: Toddlers still love to stick things in their mouths, so make sure the blocks aren’t small enough to pose a choking hazard.
  • Durability: If it might end up in your little one’s mouth, make sure it can withstand some chewing and some slobber. Some blocks are made of cardboard which can wear down and turn into smaller pieces, creating a potential choking hazard.
  • You also want to make sure the blocks can withstand the tiny human wrath that awaits. Toddlers always love to put their toys to the test. Durability is important so you don’t find yourself back at the store in just a couple of days.
  • Material: There are many different types of materials, so try to have a predetermined type in mind. You may want foam, plastic, or something in between.
  • Purpose: Some blocks are just for fun and there are some that have a more educational purpose. If you are hoping to get more of an educational toy, look for blocks that have different colors, letters, or numbers on them.
  • Bang for Your Buck: Some block sets may have a higher price tag and come with significantly less. Make sure you are getting enough blocks if you choose to pay more. Many reasonable options on the market are worth the extra money.

The Best Blocks For Toddlers Of 2020

Now that you are more familiar with the different types of blocks and what to look for when buying them, here are our top picks.

Funskool Plastic Stacking Multicolored Cubes,...

8 colorful cubes in different sizes
Develops hand eye coordination and observation skills
Cubes have alphabets on the base

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail

Price: 152

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Fisher-Price Plastic Butterfly Shape Sorter,...

Six colorful shapes that are easy for baby to grasp and sort
Fitting blocks through the openings and matching block shapes help develop thinking and problem-solving skills as well as fine motor skills
Offers fill and spill play for younger babies

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: 499

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Grizzly Wooden Geometry Matching Puzzles...

The wooden shape puzzles for young kids to learn the concept of fraction, color and shape recognition
Size: 15*15*1.5cm/5.91*5.91*0.59inch
Intellectual geometry puzzle toy Montessori early educational building wooden shape interesting gift

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: 462

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CraftDev Wooden Intellectual Geometric Shape...

Color May Slight Different
Block Size : 5.5cm x 5.5cm
Full Toy Size : 30cm x 7cm x 5cm

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: 425

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Chocozone Battery Operated 81pcs Rotating...

The interlocking building blocks is great gift for children kids boys girls, it can bring much fun.
Suitable for ages 3 years and over, and your children will never be bored.
Easy to build with the blocks, but it is quite challenging and requires little patience to build.

Additional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: 599

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How Many Types Do You Need?

If you notice your toddler is responding really well to his or her new blocks, it may be a good idea for you to buy multiple different kinds. But typically, having only one set will do.

It would be smart to always start off with one set and see how your little one does. If your toddler responds super well, don’t immediately run and buy other sets.

Toddlers tend to jump from toy to toy, so give the blocks a week test. If they are still a popular toy of choice after 7 days, another set might be a great addition.

If you are set on having more than one set, opt for different kinds. Magnetic and stacking blocks can be a lot of fun!

Things To Avoid When Buying Blocks

Blocks are a great toy, but there are certain things to keep in mind before picking up a set and heading to the checkout line.

  • Sharp ends: Some blocks may have rather sharp ends and that could be because they are meant for older kids. Sharp ends can poke your little one, especially if he or she decides to try to chew on it.
  • Safe material: In this day and age we would like to think all of our children’s toys have been properly inspected. But you should double-check to make sure the material of the toy is non-toxic or the paint is free of lead.
  • Certain small ends: Some blocks tend to vary in size and length. If you purchase blocks with varying sizes and pieces, make sure none are long enough to reach the back of your child’s mouth. Small ends that can reach the back of the mouth are a big no-no for safety purposes.

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