ILearnngrow Rock Paper Scissor

499 (Save 50%)


ILearnngrow Rock Paper Scissor

499 (Save 50%)



Colour Multicolor
Material Paper
Genre Entertainment

About this item

  • This also teaches us to control anger and emotions.
  • Roll number die to see who goes first. Then roll number die and move accordingly. If a player lands on a square with Rock,Paper,Scissors! that player and the opponent on their left will each roll a Rock,Paper,Scissors die.The winner of the roll gets to move two spaces forward.
  • The board game is very beneficial to develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination of your child.
  • It is a very interactive game which will improve the language skills of your child.
  • This game will teach your child to follow the rules and play the game in a fair spirit
  • AGE 4-8 years

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