Rock Crawler 1:18 Scale… Price: 1,299 (as of 06/11/2022 08:26 PST- Details)

Rock Crawler 1:18 Scale (Blue) Price: 1,299 (as of 06/11/2022 08:26 PST- Details)


A 1:18 Scale 2.4 GHz 4 Wheel Drive Rock Crawler Rally Car with Rechargeable Batteries for the car and 3 AA Batteries for the 2.4G Transmitter, Charger are included The Rock Crawler’s rubber tires material is made up of high quality PVC material .It is soft and elastic & can be adjusted based on the road Terrain and tough driving condition, Solid Frame Chassis, High Strength Composite Plastic Is Impact Resistant To Help Protect The Crawler.

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